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WAHM Online Business Guide


Are you a mom just getting started with an  online business?

Or have you been been working for what seems like forever, without the results you expected or hoped for? I have good news...

There is success to be found on the Internet for a work at home mom and you can do it all on your own terms, doing what you love. This ebook teaches you how to take your existing online business and turn it into a profitable venture.

A Marketing Plan Just for the Work at Home Mom (WAHM)

There are tons of online business guides out there. Many are very good and just as many are not so good...and you bet there's more well known Internet Marketers out there than little 'ol me.



The difference is, I'm a WAHM (work at home mom). I also happen to be a successful Internet Marketer who understands your needs when it comes to online business.

I know that we approach Internet Marketing in a different manner than the huge dot coms of the world (AHHH! What I wouldn't do with a million dollar budget) and others who are not relying on their business to support a family who so desperately needs them at home.

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Tara Crooks Wrote Me This Letter after She Read My eBook

"Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH! You are truly an inspiration to WAHMs everywhere! Your e-book is just a sampling of your wealth of information and incredible desire to help us all succeed!

The e-book includes so much information that you would not normally find all in one place. Chapter after chapter it was an incredible resource to get my website ready for the world to see! I am PROUD to present this e-book on my website to our viewers.

I appreciate that you have made it so affordable for the small business owner. Even if someone has a web designer, and a site promotion specialist, unless they are truly the **expert** and ranking in the top 10 in all the categories their site relates to (and how many of us really are?) they NEED this e-book!"

Tara Crooks, Owner of Advertising Moms



Why Being a WAHM is different..Short on time and no billion dollar budgets :(

□ Well, in case you didn't notice, every WAHM has different demands on her time. We often work early in the morning before everyone is up and/or late at night while everyone is asleep. Working alongside children can be very challenging...but it's possible and it can be done with great success Super Affiliate Network Scam

□ Although, it might be nice to get rich quick...we know, or we will soon learn...that it doesn't happen that way. You have important things to do, you need to cut through all the hype and find out the best way to run your online business.

□ Networking is a huge part of small online business success and WAHMs have a special way of doing this. If you're not using networking and building strategic partnerships to build your business, you are missing out on tremendous opportunities The Super Affiliate Network.

This sounds just like me. Give me immediate access to an Internet Based Mom's Guide


Says Christa Jensen of Heritage Trading Post:

"Anyone looking to become successful in marketing online NEEDS this ebook, I have found this to be the most valuable ebook on marketing I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I especially found the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section of this ebook to be the best and most complete information on how to successfully and correctly do it!"

Christa Jensen, owner of Heritage Trading Post 

Review of Alice Seba's WAHM Online Business Guide


Meet the Author & Your Partner in Online Business Success

I'm Alice Seba, the creator and owner of, a work at home moms Internet Marketing website. I'm also a "retired" professional copywriter that has helped  hundreds of WAHMs, just like you, improve their online presence.

My business and I thrive on helping others build successful Internet businesses. I tell it to you straight and show you how to increase your profitability without


spending your children's college fund.


I can't wait to start learning all I can about Internet Business. I'd like to get started now.


Says TBA of TBA Deals:

"Alice became a successful WAHM within a year, but not without a lot of hard work. In this ebook she has shared techniques for marketing your website. A definite must read, it will help get your brains to rolling. Learn how to get your site ready for the public and the search engines, set your goals, manage your time, work on your website, all the while raising your family."

TBA of TBA Deals

Review of Alice Seba's WAHM ebook


Says Christina Spence, Freelance Writer:

I cannot recommend Alice's guide highly enough! After reading it, I feel empowered as a new website owner to tackle the challenges of successfully promoting my websites. Concepts that used to be mysteries to me now make perfect sense. I understand now what does and doesn't work - what promotional tactics are worth my time, and which are a waste of time. This is a professional and thorough guidebook that is a must for any website owner, and yet Alice writes it in such a warm and friendly fashion that it feels like chatting with a pal over a cup of coffee. Read this guide - and then read it again - and start promoting your site in new and wonderful ways.

- Christina Spence of Freelancing 4 Beginners & Kitchen Crafts & More

Review of Alice Seba's WAHM Online Business Guide


 What's in this Online Business Guide?

This comprehensive, step-by-step WAHM guide starts you out with:

-> Time Management - A Must-Have for a Busy Mom Trying to Run a Business
The Internet is massive place; don't let it swallow you whole while your toddler is screaming for attention.

-> Goal Setting - Visualize Where You're Going & Get There!
Whether you are a procrastinator or someone who takes on too much, these tips will help you keep you on track with your Internet marketing plan.

Once You're Ready, We Move on to:

-> A Second Look at Your Website - Is your website actually driving customers away?
What good is a lot of traffic if your site isn't user friendly? This section will make sure your website is ready to start generating repeat visitors and sales.

-> Using Your Email Signature - Bonus Promotion & It's FREE
You've heard it before, but are you using your signature to its greatest effect? A good email signature should be an integral part of your Internet marketing efforts.

-> Using Your Website Statistics - How Do You Know What's Working?
Your website statistics are essential to your website marketing plan. Scrutinize your advertising efforts, use the information to better optimize your site for the search engines, make sure all your pages are interesting and valuable and...most important of all...make sure  your web page is generating the sales you want.

-> Search Engine Optimization - Your answer to tons of targeted website traffic
This section covers everything from optimizing your web page content and meta tags, inside information on the search engines, directories and pay-per-clicks.

-> Networking - Building Relationships & the Best Free Education EVER
Where would a WAHM be without networking? Are you using strategic networking and partnering to boost your sales and website visitors? If not, you're missing out.

-> Newsletters - Most visitors will never return to your website again. PERIOD. You need a way to get them to come back again.
A Newsletter establishes your reputation as an expert, builds relationships with your customers and promotes your business. Learn how to start your newsletter, how to find content for your top quality newsletter and how to build your subscriber base.

-> Advertising - Create brand recognition and drive interested buyers to your website
Don't shell out another dollar on a banner ad until you have read this section. We have step-by-step instructions on how to find the right place to advertise, what to say in your advertising and how to say it.

-> Affiliate Programs - A sales force you don't have to pay...unless they make a sale
Learn how to create a high quality affiliate program that will have others making sales and driving traffic to your website.

-> Press Releases - Thousands of dollars worth of publicity for your website...for free
There's something to be said about free promotion and what better endorsement than to find yourself interviewed by the media? Learn how to write and distribute your attention-getting press release.

-> Inspirational Stories & Tips from some of the top moms in Internet Business: Hear tips you can use from Jennifer Slegg of; Rebecca Game of; Kelly McCausey of; Lynn Terry of; and more.

-> More Surefire Promotion Ideas
This ebook is topped off with tons more ideas sure to bring in the traffic and increase sales. You will not be short on promotion ideas.

Also Included...An Internet Terms Glossary to help you with new terminology. There's no excuses to avoid getting serious about online business because it's too technical. This ebook explains it all.

Take Charge of Your Marketing Plan Today...
For less than the cost of a typical banner ad, you can start building a solid online business and save your precious time, so you can get back the kids and running your household.

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Says Tracy Lyn Moland, Author of Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else

"As an author and speaker that works from home, my website is of utmost importance. It needs to be marketed incredibly well. Alice Seba’s, An Internet Based Mom’s Guide to Marketing your Website has provided invaluable tips and suggestions. While I rely on my web designer to do the work, I can now add input, make suggestions and sound like I know what I am talking about. This book is a must read for all Moms that run internet based businesses – even if they have a web designer."

Tracy Lyn Moland, Author of Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else

Review of Alice Seba's WAHM ebook


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I can't wait to help you on your marketing journey! Remember, success comes to those who work for it. Once you get your ebook...READ it and implement the marketing strategies you learn. Don't let this guide sit on your hard drive. You must do the work to MAKE it work...and I know you can do it.

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Alice Seba
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